Kids Swap Info

Each swap is unique!

Visit the specific page of the swap you are interested in for more information and details on what to bring

Drop off clothes on Friday
  • Drop off a container with your name on it along with clothes/equipment/books at the front or side door depending on location
  • We put your name on a list for Saturday or give you a ticket for entry
  • If you bring things on the day of the swap, you will be expected to put your clothes on the table before you swap

Swap on Saturday
  • The clothes go fast! Come early and bring a lot
  • Bringing clothes past 10:00am is not helpful to the swap as most people come when it opens
  • Volunteers have special perks!
  • Entry donation fee is $2 for Golden and Evergreen swaps
  • If you live far or work and must bring things on Saturday, you are expected to lay out your own things before you take anything else. Dropping stuff off on Friday is easier for you and for us.
  • Contact us if you know someone in need. We have special hours to come for those who are in need.
  • We are always looking for volunteers on Friday night and those slots also fill up quickly